Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Weekend: PART I

Quyen, the boys and I didn't celebrate Father's DAY, we celebrated Father's WEEKEND.

The weekend began on Friday evening when we met Theresa, Matthew's godmother, in Crown Point at the Corn Roast, which is for us is the festival to start the summer. We met Theresa there to discuss details of our end-of-summer "big chill" weekend, but we began eating (yes, we had corn on the cob) and chit-chatting about everything but what we had intended.

The weather cleared up to give us a perfect evening. Lots of food, live music, a couple beers and it's easy to see how we kept off topic. Theresa took this photo, one of only a handful taken Friday night.

We left the Corn Roast to visit my dad, who lives nearby. 
It was a complete coincidence that Dylan and Grandpa were wearing IU t-shirts. Who knows, maybe Grandpa will get lucky and have one or two of his grandkids attend his alma mater. It's a topic of conversation with many of his friends that all of his five children graduated from Purdue University.

We stayed at Grandpa's house for about an hour before we left to get the kids home and in bed.
Saturday morning we all went to a local sporting goods store to buy Dylans's first baseball glove. His first day of tee ball started at 12:30 p.m. that day. I hadn't bought a glove in at least 10 years, maybe more, so to see so many options was a bit mind-numbing. Even more frustrating was trying to find a right-hand glove for my son, who's a lefty -- a LEFTY!  We saw it coming at an early age when he picked up a crayon or a fork with the hand that isn't the right one. 

I've always been a righty, my two brothers are righties, as are my two sisters, both my parent, all of my cousins (18 including my siblings) and just about any other relative I knew.Not only is he a lefty, but he also has steel-blue eyes. That's a head-scratcher too because no one in my family or Quyen's immediate family has blue eyes.

So, I"ve been keeping a brown eye out for left-handed, blue-eyed mailmen who seem to linger longingly outside the front door. Hmm. (Quyen knows I'm kidding, so don't hate!)

Anyway, back to the glove. We found one he'll likely use for the next five years or so.

I'll continue this post later today when uploading photos won't take so long.

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