Thursday, June 12, 2008


My name is Quyen Greco and I am addicted to blogging. How do I know this?

Well last night Dylan finally did something that most pre-school children eventually do, he got a peanut stuck up one of his nostrils. He comes over to me oh so calmly, pointing up his nose “Mommy, help me. It’s stuck and I can’t get it out.” I had given him a small bowl of peanuts as a snack, so I knew instantly what was stuck up his nose.

What was my first instinct? Yell out to Joe for help. My second instinct? Get the tweezers you say, or maybe a tissue or maybe a flashlight? No, that is what a normal mother might do. But no, I instantly wanted to find my camera so that I could capture the moment for our Blog. Am I the worst!?

But then Dylan started gagging and choking a bit and the seriousness of the situation reality hit me and I snapped out of mommy blogger mode and into, mommy this is an emergency mode. In the time that it took me to run to the medicine cabinet to look for the tweezers, Dylan had already sneezed the peanut out of his nose. All harm diverted.

Dylan was so calm through it all and a little perplexed, not knowing he should have been scared or if it was cool and funny to projectile sneeze a peanut from his nose. Hopefully, he won’t want find out and try the stunt again.

Meanwhile, I might start thinking about getting some help with my blogging “addiction”.

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dp said...

That really is funny. I think I can relate to the way Dylan felt. I got a toy pearl caught up my nose once but mom was mad more than amused.

I know what you mean about reaching for that camera. I was hit with the realization that I was missing some of the fun because I was too busy reaching for the camera. Sometimes it's better to take te snapshot in your mind.