Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan - 4 Years Old.

Today our big boy turned 4 years old. We had a great weekend celebrating.
Starting with a small party at day care with cupcakes on Friday. Saturday we had a big birthday bash at a fun center with his best friends and all his cousins, and today we did a low-key pancake birthday breakfast with just the four of us.

Here are some photos from the party on Saturday. Everyone got on the inflatable slides - even grandpa!

The crew in a group photo.

Da boyz. Dylan with his BFF's

Everyone wanted to sit on the throne.
(Dylan was so preoccupied with the free Transformer toy that came with the cake to care about anything else.)

Dylan sliding with his cousins, they held hands - so cute.

The birthday boy on his throne. 

Our friend Kim, from Austin, holding Matthew.

Happy Birthday, cha cha cha.

The boys with beautiful Lizzy.

Dylan cleaned up! 

Thank you to everyone for all the great gifts and for helping us celebrate Dylan's birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan! Sorry I haven't commented in a while, but I check in to see your pics and read your posts almost daily. Happy holidays!!-Fran

Lisa said...

The party was so much fun! I think I texted you this, but after we left, Liz was so impressed she turned to me and said: "Dylan's party was genius." It's funny. She's trying to use better words to describe really cool things and her choice was genius. She was highly impressed and talking about meeting up with you guys at the mall. E-mail me at my yahoo and hopefully we can get together next week!