Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. 15 Months Old

Our baby is 15 months old!

Matthew is known around the house affectionately (and sometimes not so much) as "Matthew the destroyer," "one-sock Matt" and by Dylan as "baby Mat-tu" followed by "he's so cute!" Matthew loves to rearrange my kitchen cabinets and drawers, dragging everything thing out and leaving a path of destruction. Recently he started singing along to some of our favorite songs ie when singing Old MacDonald, he'll chime in "E-I-E-I" not quite getting the "O" yet. He loves to dance and will drop everything to do a little "white man shuffle" when he hears music. He loved all the music numbers during the Oscars show last night.

He is running (usually away from us laughing hysterically), climbing stairs.. actually climbing up on anything and everything. He can slide himself down backwards off the bed. He isn't into toys as much as Dylan was at the same age, but he is starting to bring books and toys up to me, climbing on my lap so that I can read to him. He is super strong and always dragging big heavy items around the house. Mainly, he wants to play with whatever his big brother is into, which usually ends up with both of them crying and fighting over the prized toy. A love/hate relationship that I am sure they will have for the rest of their lives together.

We had his 15-month check-up today with mixed results. He is growing well, 90th percentile in height and above 50th percentile in weight and head circumference. Unfortunately, he has another ear infection. The second one this year (it's only February!). He had tubes put in his ears in December, so we are disappointed that he continues to be plagued with troublesome ears. Poor buddy.

He has about 13 teeth, I think. The bottom molars are starting to come in. So more sleepless nights ahead for all of us. On the bright side, he'll be able to chew food better and I won't have to cut everything up so darn tiny anymore.
Overall, he is a total joy. I sure do miss the guy when I am at work everyday!

Here are some photos I took of Matty this morning while we were waiting for pediatrician. I am sure you've noticed that there haven't been a lot of photos of the boys on the blog lately. They are so hard to pin down these days, I can't ever get a focused picture!

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Lisa said...

How cute! It's amazing how big the 'lil guy is. Wow! How fast they grow!