Friday, February 27, 2009

Dylan's art

Remember this post? I think it was one of the first posts showcasing Dylan's artistry. Since then, his sketches and imagination has grown by leaps and bounds. I really don't know what other 4 years olds are capable of, but compared to my art skills, I think this kid is amazing (I am a little biased too!)

He came up to me tonight and said "I have a really good idea. How about we make a bat?" I asked, how do you make a bat? He demanded paper, scissors, tape and string. But first wanted to to draw a "map."

This is what he had in his mind as far as how to go about making a bat. Not only was I blown away that he could draw his vision down on paper but the fact that his cognitive skills have really grown. I mean, wow, check out that sketch! A lot of thinking went into it and it took him no time to draw it all down.
Then got busy and executed his plan. First draw his hands for the wings, then cut them out. Then get some string and tape to the wings. I didn't offer any suggestions or ideas, I only helped cut out the wings. (We don't own safety scissors).
You can see the bat in this photo along with other drawings he did tonight.

He loves Sponge Bob and the guy next to him is his buddy Patrick, he's a starfish, can't you tell? Dylan loves watching Sponge Bob. He has gotten a habit of saying (with great force) "tartare sauce" when he is upset or doesn't get his way. It is better than saying "oh crap" which was what he was doing for a while. Have mercy! Tartare sauce is much funnier.

I was trying to encourage him to draw an aquarium or underwater scene. He started with the submarine. I have never shown him how to draw a submarine. Amazing that he was able to comprehend and execute.
The curly waves at the bottom are my doing, but the rest of the drawing is all by Dylan. The creature at the bottom is a turtle, and to the right of that is a shark.

After drawing each picture he has a long winded story about each thing in the photo. He loves to make up stories, complete with sound effects. At night, when I am too tired to read him another book he encourages me to make up a story for him. Then I give him a turn and telling me a story. He is very creative.
He is starting to spell three letter words and can recognize a few in the books. He has been spelling Matthew's name and knows all his school mates names too.

Here is a drawing of his friends at school.

Can you tell his favorite color is red? The kid on the bottom right has a long arm he said. Interesting. Looks like the guy next to the long arm kid isn't too happy. Maybe he is stealing his red crayon. Which is is something that happened to Dylan at school last week.

He is a whiz at the Magna Doodle too and draws on that thing all day long.

I am really thinking of signing him up for art classes at the art center close to our house. We don't spend enough time with him on this stuff. It is terrible to say but after long days at work, I just don't have the energy for it.

Thanks for letting me boast a little!

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dp said...

Sonny was a never a big artist. Only recently has he gotten into drawing and it's all about superheros. Mostly Batman, Joker, Joker Tropical, Bane, Penguin...I have no idea who half these characters are.

You should sign Dylan up for art. You never know if you've got the next Picasso in the family! We're thinking of signing Sonny for Dance (or Movement as they now call it). He likes to dance a lot. Reminds me of that movie Billy Elliot.