Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family night out

Tired of the rain and the cold and suffering from a little cabin fever, I gave myself a night off from cooking and we all headed out for some family fun on Saturday night to burn off some energy.
Matthew lovin' the rides. I can't believe he will be 16 months old on Friday. Matthew is now bringing diapers to me when he needs a diaper change. What a smart boy!

Isn't his little face so precious? Photos don't do him justice. He's even more adorable in real life!

Father and son bonding - over a video game. I think Joe had as much fun as Dylan.

Trying to get Dylan to smile for the camera is impossible. He is in his making funny faces phase.

Yesterday, we drove by a pancake house and Dylan recognized the word pancake. Out of the blue he said "that word is pancake!" We hadn't eaten there in months -maybe even over a year, so I don't think he remembered that the place sold pancakes. He is able to spell quite a few 3 letter words now. And can pick up a few words in the books we read, even books that I've only read to him once.

We had a nice night out, even though much of it was spent chasing Matthew and trying to get him to stay still for a minute. He is fearless and climbs up and out of everything. He was super excited and had a ball!

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