Thursday, April 9, 2009


Look how fast Dylan's "garden" has grown in just three weeks! I'll be planting the peat pots into the backyard soon, can't wait to see if we will get some yummy vegetables in a few weeks (months?). We are also planting our own pumpkins this year. It will fun to watch them grow!

Chicago is a great city for sports, especially baseball - check out the Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza.
Joe and I have always been Cubs fans, but recently Dylan pronounced his preference for the White Sox. I couldn't believe it. He will only wear a Sox cap. Too funny, I mean, who is raising this kid?! I got to the bottom of it and found out that his day care teachers are die-hard Sox fans, as well as his little buddy Eric. Talk about peer pressure! I think it is great that he has strong opinions about something, even if it is for the Sox!

Dylan and Joe decorated the Easter eggs this year. I was too pooped to participate. They did a great job! We did a marble effect and tie-dye with glitter. As Joe said in his Facebook status today, it probably wasn't a good idea to decorate Easter eggs with a 4 year old using glitter, especially in a newly renovated kitchen. And especially without mom around.
One of his friends called glitter "the herpes of craft supplies". Hilarious!
Happy Easter everyone! 

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