Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monkey boy

Matthew loves to hang - off beams, monkey-bars, anything really. He can even do the zip line by himself at the playground. Yeah my heart stops for a second every time Joe attempts this, but Matthew really does love it. He is our little daredevil, nothing fazes him. I better start stocking up on hair color for all the grey he is giving me!

Sibling love/hate. If one kid is happy, the other is usually sad. When one kid has a toy, the other usually wants it. Sigh. It is exhausting. Matthew is giving us a run for our money these days. He is very assertive and confident, poor Dylan usually just sits there and takes the abuse.


Anonymous said...

Matthew's "monkeyness" reminds me a lot of Alexander. Does he seem to love sporty things like throwing and kicking balls and swinging a bat? ... Good luck with the sibling love situation. Sounds like Matthew is starting to assert his independence!--Fran
P.S. Keep us posted on your veggie garden. I want to grow something this year. We have so many deer and such a hilly back yard that I'm thinking of starting out w/ a few veggies in a big planter on the deck!

QGIRL said...

Fran I have heard that if you hang bars of Ivory soap around your plants the deer will stay away.
We are growing a few veggies, but I am most looking forward to the pumpkins. Hopefully we can carve our own home-grown pumpkins this year!
Of course, I don't have a green thumb, so it is a long shot!