Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry no blog!

Spring is such a busy time! We have been working in our garden (it's looking good!), doing lots of Spring cleaning around the house and gearing up to do more remodeling. Is it me, or do we seem to do most of our remodeling when I am pregnant?

We have also been enjoying the weekends with Joe's family (like a birthday or family event every weekend, almost). Needless to say, I have been too busy to blog.

I have, however, taken lots a photos along the way so will try to post a big update this week. Especially, since we have hit a few milestones: Matthew turned 18 months old and Dylan is now reading on his own! With the help of BOB Books, we are well into the third book, and he is doing pretty good, although it is hard to keep his attention for more than 4 minutes, especially if we are reading at night. I'll tell you the story of how I got turned on by these books in a later post. I highly recommend them so far.
Another milestone is that I am now in the 6th month of pregnancy. Time flies, right!?

Check back with us later today or tomorrow..until then, checkout what the pregnant lady has been eating at Del*ish. As usual, it is always spicy around our house.

Catcha later..


Anonymous said...

Hey, Quyen
We have two sets of the Bob Books, also! They were recommended by Anna's preschool teacher. I messed up and got set 2 before I got set 1. There's been so much going on here that I haven't been able to work with Anna on these books for a month or so. We need to get back into them. One of the things I need to focus on with her is that she too often "reads" it by looking at the pictures and from memory. We need to work more on having her actually sound out the letters. What about Dylan?--Fran

QGIRL said...

Hey Fran! A fetal echo cardiologist we saw recently recommended the books to me (it's a long story, kind of). Anyway, Dylan seems to be working from the words and not the pictures. From the very first try at reading the books he was reading almost by himself. He sounds out letters wherever we go, I try to encourage it. Funny thing about the Mat book (book 1) he likes to say Max and not Mat. THe small t looks like an x? not sure. We also have a friend name Max.
Hope the weather is warming up for ya'll. Take care and thanks for the comment and checking in!

Lisa said...

Hey, where do you guys get these BOB books at? Just at any Border/Barnes & Noble, etc... We need to try them. Liz seems to get bored easily but if they're simple I think she'd work on it. By the way Fran, I read in our Kindergarten book that it's fine for kids to look at the pics too to figure out the story. I think that's perfectly normal.