Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lots and lots of Greco time

I had 12 days off for Christmas and every minute of it jammed packed full of family time. We had a great Christmas!

Joe and Dylan's madd cookie decorating skillz.

Super Dylan Super Cookie decorator! (and super cookie eater too!)

Carson helping me redecorate the tree.

Christmas morning. About the only photo we had of the kiddos opening gifts. In their matching robes from last year!

Matthew and Carson's Holiday Program.

Nana B's Christmas Party at our house.

The nieces and nephews playing 'Twas the night before Christmas".

Dylan invited Nana to his kindergarten class to make a ginger bread house. His was fully loaded!

Joe's family from came in from far and wide for his grandma's 90th birthday. It was a "grand" 'ole time, with well over a hundred people at the party. (and no I didn't host at my house!)

Here are some of Joe's family at his sister Jori's on Christmas Day.

Joe and some of his cousins and brother Jeff (on the left).

Grandma looking good at 90!

Listening to Shawna tell a funny story. She is expecting twins, they will be granda's 36 & 37 th great-grand kids.
At gram's birthday party on December 26. Grams and her kids. Joe's dad in the front, left.

Joe's dad and mom went on to create this monster of a family.
Joe's immediate family, with grams. If you open up the photo, you can see the family tree in the background. Joe put it together for the party.

Actually, it was a very productive 12-days of Christmas. I also had the Lasik procedure (I'm seeing 20/20 now!) We also enjoyed a visit from Aunty Emma. We took her to Navy Pier and The Sears Tower (we all dared to step out on the glass ledge!). She got to go sledding for the first time (and probably last time).
Man, was I sad to see her go. She was a huge help with the kids.

At Navy Pier Winter Wonder Fest.

Cheesin' it up with Aunt Em.

Fun times at Navy Pier.

Joe and I started what we hope will be a new tradition. Holiday drinks at the Signature Room, and a day of shopping on Michigan Avenue, sans kids!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my peeps! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome Christmas holiday the Grecos had!! Thanks for sharing all of your holiday pics with us. Glad your Lasik worked perfectly. Many hugs! Leslie XOXOXO