Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day! aka Snowmaggedon '11!

Dylan looked out of the window this morning and said "This is the best snow day I've ever had!"
Actually, it was his first ever official snow day from school, but one that will definitely be remembered!

Here is our first look at the snow this morning through our family room window.

After 22 hours of snow, it finally stopped coming down at about 3 pm, so Joe ventured out. Snow up to well over his thighs.

It took 3 hours to dig out (he helped the a few neighbors too!) We just bought this used snow blower from our neighbor earlier this season. It was the best $40 we spent this winter. lol.

After digging out.

We have another snow day tomorrow! Maybe we'll try to venture out and build a snowman or something! Or maybe not, it is supposed to be 10 degrees high.
Spring can't come early enough!

BTW, Happy Chinese New Year. It's year of the rabbit. Whatever that means. :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Quyen! Stay warm and safe. Love, Leslie xoxox