Sunday, March 6, 2011

Joe made Sunday dinner!

Checkout De*lish for Joe's kubideh on naan recipe. It was what we had for dinner tonight. He did a great job and it was nice to try a new recipe and spice up our meals.

I actually made a meal plan for the week. What are YOU having this week for dinner? I am always open to suggestions that are quick and easy and kid friendly. (and cheap!)

Our weeks are going to start getting crazy busy. On top of us both working full-time, driving the insane commute from Oak Brook and Downers Grove, caring for 3 active boys we also have soccer starting again, Joe is the assistant coach. And I am going back to college! I am so excited. Excited about studying, homework and especially learning something new!

So you see why he have to keep on track with meal planning and getting super organized. Stay tuned for more blog posts too!


Anonymous said...

I am getting hungry just looking at the picture and reading your post. Mmmmmmm! Love, Leslie xoxox

Daddio said...

Thanks Leslie! We got quite a few visitors to the blog last week. Joe's cooking seems to be a hit! So I am thinking of starting a new series called Daddy Does Dinner. We'll document the reactions from the kids on his cooking. That should be entertaining! lol.
Hope all is well in your world! xoxo

Daddio said...

Opps, that was me (Quyen) with that last comment. I didn't realized I was logged in as Joe.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to keep up with Daddy Does Dinner! Leslie xoxoxo