Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My life...

Besides working our regular jobs, commuting, raising 3 enormously energetic boys etc. I have finals week this week. My graphics project is done, as well as that pesky research paper on Web 2.0 technologies (yeah, it's as thrilling it sounds). But still lots of school work to do before Friday.

We also have to get the house ready for Father's, clean, cook, clean again. You know the drill.

Hopefully, I'll be chillin' on Sunday night, feet propped up, sipping a cocktail and watching my True Blood Season 3 dvd's. If I survive until then.
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Anonymous said...

Quyen: how do you do it??? You are truly my hero! XOXO Leslie

QGIRL said...

thanks Leslie! I am able to do it all because of MY hero - Joe. He is truly a team player. He is my rock, and a wonderful father.