Thursday, June 2, 2011

We survived kindergarten!

Dylan at his kindergarten awards ceremony today.

He had a really great year and did so well in his testing. He was doing his homework in dependent care, all by himself! He did especially well with math and visual cognitive learning. He really improved with speech and he is becoming a really good reader. Dylan has a real love for learning. Sounds so cheesy, I know, and maybe it is just a 6-year old thing, but we are very proud of him.
1st grade here we come!


dp said...

Congratulations! He sounds like a bright kid. I know the pride you must feel.

Enjoying learning is not a given for a 6-year old. My son loves learning too, but we know other young kids who would rather be doing something else. I don't blame them. Who wants to sit in a boring classroom when you're 6? And add to that the stress of not being as good of a reader as a friend or not understanding math. The love of learning starts early, but so do the difficulties some kids have. Pat yourself on the back for your role in his success!

QGIRL said...

thanks for the super nice comment dp! We are looking forward to a fun summer and even think of getting special tutoring for Dylan so that he can keep up with his math. He is already asking us about multiplication, always trying to figure stuff like that out. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow...graduating from kindergarden. How did we let this happen?! His good start at learning has everything to do with all of the work you both have done with him. Bring on the first grade!!! Love, Leslie xoxo