Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm baaaack. Here is 2012 in photos..

Goof boy. Carson had a bad haircut. Thanks dad! 
 In downtown Detroit. Ice skating for the first time!

 Ms. Di giving Carson a helping hand. It took them, like, an hour to skate around the small rink!

 At the Robot Garage in Detroit. Fun times (for boys!).

 My cousin Jon Carson came to Chi-town for a visit.

At the Signature Room for our annual holiday lunch.

At Bellaboo's with Tim and his son, Charlie.

 Our NYE party last year. (sorry the photos are out of sequence!) Please ignore Ben.
 With Theresa.

 So sweet. When they're sleeping! :)

 In Detroit.


 I started a new job in February. This is the view of Chicago (looking south) from my desk.

 Fun times with E-Love and Dave.

 The Detroit crew.

 Superheros on the loose.

 Happy to be out on the town. 

 Dylan gets a broom to stand up. Magic?
 At Jenny & Doug's wedding.

With our dear E-Love. He passed away last week, after a very courageous battle with cancer. 
We will miss you so much.

 Soccer fun.

 Aunt Emma (and her girls) came for a visit!


 What the boys were doing while we were in Cancun! Thanks Aunt Emma!

 Joelle and Shayne's wedding.

 More photos from paradise.

 Easter egg decorating and shenanigans. (only three of them are mine!)

 Matthew's first trophy!

 Father's Day!

 Cousin Michelle. So much fun!

 Wiggle wiggle wiggle dance!

 Granma and her some of her great grand kids.

 Making new friends. 

 I did the zip line and rappel for the first time. Scary! (did I tell you that I am deathly afraid of heights!)

 In Talum, Mexico.

 With Jeff and Kim in Cancun.

 I want to go back to Mexico!!!

 Summer is so fun with boys.

 A better haircut!! And a lollipop to sweeten the deal.

 Dylan rock climbs at the Crown Point Corn Roast.

 Fierce! Dylan finally learned to ride a bike!

 Matthew idolizes his big brother. But don't tell anyone!

 Matt loves swimming!

 Our lovely Renee. And my "natural" hair.

 Dylan's first day of 2nd Grade. He is getting tall!

 These boys love their Super Heros!


 Matthew drew this picture and wanted to give it to a policeman. Dad indulged him.

 Matt and his BFF, Clayton (or Kwayton, as he calls him!)

 Motherly love.

 Throwing signs.

 Touching base with my inner Asian.


 Getting ready for 3D movie night. He likes to get real comfy!

 These kids are twisted.

 With Grandma at Carson's 3rd birthday.

 I had a bumper crop of basil this year. Making pesto.

 Parent teacher day. Dylan is top of his class in AR reading scores!

 Fall fun!

 Carson with this favorite lovey, Mau (meow).

 Our pumpkins this year. Mark my words, we will only do 3 pumpkins next year!!

 I dressed up for Halloween. And scared the heck out of the kids. lol.


 I finally committed to bangs. And then promptly grew them out again. lol.

 Fun with Jeffry and his girls. Please support his theater company - Interrobang!

 Holiday Program at the day care.

 Matthew got to sing a little solo. So proud of him!

Matthew's 5th and Dylan's 8th birthday.

 At Pru's Holiday Party.

 At the Signature Room.

Oh Christmas tree...we moved it into the family room this year.

 Matthew learned about the wet willy. And promptly used it on Carson in our family photos. Didn't even break out of the smile. 

I love this family!!!

Happy New Year everyone. And thanks for checking into our little blog. Hopefully, I'll update it at more than once next year, so stay tuned!